Sterling Silver Zodiac Cufflinks – Aquarius


Inspired by cosmic astrology and the alignment of the stars, our horoscope cufflinks are the perfect way to show off your unique astrological energy!

For centuries, many cultures have looked to the skies for guidance, studying the relation of planets and constellations and how their cosmic dance affects us; defining our personality, preferences and traits. Gemstone engraving also dates back thousands of years and was highly popular in the Greek and Roman empire. The Greeks chose to engrave their precious gemstones with gods while the Romans preferred engravings of politicians. Ever since, the detail and dimensions of engraved stones have been greatly admired.

Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign often choose to take the path less travelled. Easy going, with a curious nature many are gifted with a strong sense of art and poetry; and these cufflinks are the perfect nod to this trait.

The deep red sardonyx stone is encased in a classic, sterling silver oval setting.

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