Exquisite Gentlemen’s Jewellery

From the early Egyptians to modern times, jewellery has been a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Although over the course of the last century, jewellery was traditionally associated with women, we are witnessing a cultural transition, with men becoming more experimental and more keen to express their personalities through these timeless accessories.

At Deakin & Francis, we’ve always thought that jewellery should always be worn with pride, which is why we have curated our collections to emphasise the restlessness of the modern man. 

Our definitive pieces emulate a combination of style, elegance and the finest craftsmanship. From witty cufflinks and traditional signet rings to luxurious accessories, our process revolves around prioritising detail, using the finest materials and preserving integrity of our pieces.

Explore our collection of gentlemen’s fine jewellery and choose your own iconic staple.