Official Fabergé Partner

Experience the world of Fabergé at Deakin and Francis. Our recent partnership tells the story of shared core values, design aesthetics and spirit. Discover the history and brand heritage within Fabergé exhibited through great craftsmanship and beauty.

The Journey Of A Fabergé Egg

Explore the world of Fabergé and discover incredible fine jewellery creations and collections. So much more than just symbols of overt luxury and decadence, Fabergé eggs are objects of fascination, mystery and exceptional artwork. including the process pf stunning Fabergé eggs.

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Fabergé bracelets and deep cuff bangles mastercrafted with brilliant white diamonds or a kaleidoscope of coloured stones.


The diamonds & coloured gemstones decorating Fabergé rings are selected for their quality, rarity & beauty.


Fabergé’s fine jewellery egg pendants represent a playful interpretation of its unique heritage.

Make each drink memorable

Make your next drink memorable with these exquisite Fabergé silver and enamel tumblers and shot-glasses. For the perfect pairing, pour your favourite drink from a Deakin & Francis decanter for the ultimate luxury drinking experience.

Experience Our Fabergé Corner

Located in the heart of Mayfair, visit our London flagship store to witness our Fabergé collection. Our dedicated Fabergé Corner provides a premium shop-in-shop experience whereby visitors can appreciate the Fabergé collection in real-life. Meet our London Store Fabergé experts, offering unique insight into the Fabergé collection, in addition to exposing the extraordinary gemstones and exceptional craftsmanship detailed within every Fabergé product.