Luxury Designer Cufflinks

Traditional or modern, minimalistic or intricate, Deakin & Francis cufflinks are renowned for their signature designs and complex detail. Our collection features a wide variety of silver and gold cufflinks specifically designed to match any style or occasion. 

Whether your formal attire requires a pair of classic 18ct gold cufflinks, or simply you’re looking for a witty pair of sterling silver cufflinks for everyday use, our collection was curated inclusively and in line with the latest fashion trends. Alternatively, for those who are interested in one of a kind pieces, we offer bespoke cufflinks with the personalisation and engraving options available.

Enter the world of Deakin & Francis and choose your luxury cufflinks from a multitude of colours, shapes, sizes and designs to add the perfect final touch to your style. 

Explore our new collection of sterling silver and 18ct gold cufflinks featuring classic and edgy designs. As one of England’s oldest jewellery companies, Deakin & Francis always set the tone of innovation, which is why we constantly come up with new designs to match the demands of our clientele. 

At Deakin & Francis, we always make sure to use the finest precious metals when crafting our accessories. Choose from our extensive collection of enamelled cufflinks and hand-pick your pair from a variety of colours and materials, including 18ct gold and sterling silver.

Deakin & Francis is renowned in the jewellery industry for creating personalised, bespoke cufflinks in any shape and style. From sterling silver to 18ct gold cufflinks, our extensive range caters to a variety of tastes and requirements.  Explore our collection above.

At Deakin & Francis, we pride ourselves in our exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs, which is why we’ve curated an iconic collection of 18ct gold cufflinks. From classic pieces featuring timeless gemstones like rubies and emeralds, to diamond encrusted skull cufflinks, you can hand-pick your pair from a variety of styles, shapes and colours. 

Our luxurious range of sterling silver cufflinks features high-quality classic and modern pieces to suit any occasion or style. Explore our collection of silver skull cufflinks for an edgy look, or choose a traditional design for your formal attire.

Our everyday sterling silver cufflinks feature witty and intricate designs, which will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Explore our collection of cufflinks and hand-pick your iconic pair from a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

“Cufflinks are a great accessory. The perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Whether it’s a classic style, our signature skulls or a modern twist, Deakin & Francis cufflinks are top of the class”

Henry Deakin