Since 1786 Deakin & Francis have designed and created bespoke and custom-made jewellery. Hand-made in our factory in Birmingham, we have created pieces of jewellery and fashioned treasured artefacts that are distinctive, unique and personal. Trusted by rockstars and rebels, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts worldwide.


Deakin & Francis have hand-crafted bespoke and custom-made jewellery that celebrates special events, sporting success and major milestones. Our work is commissioned by private individuals, careful collectors, a range of companies and other jewellers. As England’s oldest family jeweller, we are trusted by some of the most prestigious names in the world, we are far to discreet to name names. The pieces created may be small or large – from family jewellery and antique diamonds re-designed as 18ct gold cufflinks, to larger statement one-off pieces for awards ceremonies. We can design and create that celebratory statement to honour or dedicate a family member, a valued member of staff, or a company tribute. Deakin & Francis will work with you every step of the way, to help your ideas become reality.