Bespoke Jewellery

With customers spanning rock stars to royalty, Deakin & Francis are experts in the field of bespoke. Having made pieces of fine jewellery for some of the most prestigious names in the world, there really is no better place to come to than Deakin & Francis if it is a special, unique piece that you require.

Make it special. Make it Unique.

Are you looking for a truly distinctive pair of cufflinks? Perhaps you would like to have your own design hand-painted on? Would you like a personal ring or pendant creating that you can give as a personal token of love? Or it could simply be engraving a pair of cufflinks with your own initials or special date.



Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts or exclusive company designs are also something Deakin & Francis can assist you with. From staff rewards and recognition to client gifting and one-off, exclusive designs that are unique to your firm, our cufflinks and jewellery can be tailored to suit your corporate identity and we have a skilled team of craftsmen who can assist you every step of the way.



Join us in your Bespoke Journey

Starting with a sketch and a storyboard, we visualise how your final piece will look. The model maker then creates models for our 3D cufflinks.

From the initial inspiration to the final piece, our jewellery is created on-site by our skilled team of craftsmen and we invite you to be part of every step of the process to ensure we deliver a piece that is perfect for you.