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Since 1786, we have been mastering the art of luxury cufflinks, bespoke jewellery and fine accessories. With hundreds of years of experience under our belt, we take pride in our heritage and we continue to curate exquisite collections for our customers. Historically, our brand has been renowned for its exclusive product designs, distinguished craftsmanship and excellent service. Along the centuries, we have adapted to our clientele’s demand and emerging trends, ensuring the quality and design of our accessories always impresses.

For intricate pieces, discover our famous range of timeless cufflinks and signet rings, which brings together a series of innovative designs with D&F’s signature touches. Alternatively, our bespoke service is most suited for those who want a unique, hand-made piece to celebrate an event, honour a special person, or simply turn into an heirloom. Our master craftsmen can also restore antique jewellery, so you can keep them in your family for years to come.