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Accessories Guide: Luxury Gift Ideas

Whether your anniversary is near, your partner is starting a new job or it’s your friend’s birthday, at Deakin & Francis, we have a selection of luxury gifts for him and her that are perfect for many special occasions. With stores currently closed across the UK, our website makes shopping for gifts online an easy and enjoyable experience.

Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your partner, our men’s gifts are carefully designed to provide a luxury gift that can make him smile while still being useful for many occasions. From sterling silver tie slides to sterling silver cufflinks, whether he’s starting a new job, receiving a promotion or preparing for interviews, our gifts for him will ensure he’s dressed to impress.

Tie Slides

Our sterling silver tie slides provide a practical yet thoughtful gift for your loved one. Choose from a classic tie slide, a small tie slide and a small engine turned tie slide for a more unique pattern. For a more personal gift, the engine turned tie slide is also available with a panel for engraving. Our tie bars featuring sterling silver enamel skull and skull motif designs would make the perfect present for someone who likes to wear outfits with a different finishing touch, so they can stand out from the crowd.


Featuring an extensive range of expertly-crafted designs, our cufflinks include modern and traditional styles. From designs which can be worn every day, to sterling silver and gold cufflinks for special occasions, there’s a pair of cufflinks to suit everyone. For those who would like to give a gift with a personal element, our range of personalised cufflinks can be engraved to mark an anniversary, honour another significant date or include initials. If you’d like more information about engraving cufflinks or other jewellery, please visit our dedicated bespoke jewellery webpage.


Our range of crystal decanters includes a bulldog crystal decanter, which features a bulldog stopper that was inspired by Sir Winston Churchill and his love of cigars – perfect for history enthusiasts. If your loved one is celebrating their stag do, our stag head crystal decanter would be the perfect gift for him and would be great for future occasions too.  

If your friends are also looking for a suitable stag gift, our range of luxury corkscrews features a stag head corkscrew design, which would be the perfect accessory to complete the stag head decanter. 

Leather Goods

From leather bracelets to leather wallets and money clips, our range of leather goods includes classic gifts that will never go out of fashion. Our leather accessories are available in black, brown and tan, to ensure they complement all attire. They make the perfect gift for a traditional man who wears timeless suits and likes his accessories to match his style. 

Gifts for Her

If you need gift inspiration for your loved one, our ladies’ gifts are carefully chosen to surprise her. From sterling silver bracelets for jewellery lovers to sterling silver keyrings with designs to signify her favourite animal, there’s a personal gift for her that’s guaranteed to demonstrate how well you know her.

Bracelets and Bangles

If your partner is a busy bee who loves nature as much as she loves socialising, our leather bumble bee bracelet will remind her of the adorable creatures and show her that you appreciate how much her friends and family mean to her. For women who are passionate about conservation, our bracelet range includes a sterling silver purple rhino bracelet and chunky sterling silver bracelet with round discs featuring rhino emblems. Both rhino bracelets are part of our Ithuba Collection, from which all profits made are donated to the Zululand Conservation Trust to help protect these magnificent animals.


Our range of sterling silver keyrings include designs that suit specific occasions. If your loved one’s favourite animal is a rhino but she doesn’t wear bracelets, our rhino keyring features a sterling silver rhino and is also part of the Ithuba Collection, so all profits will still go towards a worthwhile cause. A sterling silver steering wheel keyring would be the perfect gift to show a loved one who’s passed their driving test how proud you are of them. 

Unisex Gifts

For those of you who require accessories suitable for men and women, we sell many unisex gifts. These luxury accessories would make useful gifts for your loved ones, regardless of their gender.


Our umbrellas provide high-quality gifts made from the finest materials. They are available in both large and small sizes, to ensure that everyone can have an umbrella suitable for any given occasion. Current designs include a large umbrella in black, which features matte skull head handle and a small umbrella with a polished skull head handle, so you can still benefit from the same unique design in a size that can fit into your handbag or satchel.

Lapel Pins

Our sterling silver lapel pins are a great way to choose a personal gift. From a blue golf bag lapel pin for sports enthusiasts to a lapel pin, which incorporates a green wellington boot into its design for aspiring farmers, we’re confident there’s a unique gift for your loved one in our range. Our penguin lapel pin would be perfect for someone who adores these beautiful animals, while the sterling silver embroidered crown lapel pin is a gift truly fit for a queen.
As England’s most well-established jewellery manufacturers, our experienced team can provide expert advice on how to choose the perfect accessory for you or your loved one. For more information about the luxury gifts we sell, please contact us.