It’s Bewitching Hour

Bewitching Halloween Jewellery from Deakin & Francis

Happy Halloween! The witching hour is almost upon us, which means it’s time to dust off your most Gothic jewellery and add a touch of the macabre to your style.

Halloween, as we know it now, is descendant of the ancient Celtic fire festival called ‘Samhain’. Celebrated from October 31 to November 1 to signify the darker half of the year, it was believed that on this day that the ghosts of the dead would return to the earth as the barriers between the physical and spirit world would break down…

So in the spirit of Halloween, we have selected the most unique and fearsome pieces from the Deakin & Francis range to help you give your look a playful twist during one of the most eccentric times of the year!

Skull Cufflinks with LED Eyes

If you really want to stand out this Halloween, then get yourself a pair of our Skull Cufflinks with LED eyes.

If it’s daring and edgy pieces that you’re after, then these cufflinks are truly like nothing that you’ve ever seen before and are guaranteed to make a frightful addition to your cufflink collection.

Made in a contemporary, matte black finish, these skull cufflinks feature the iconic Deakin & Francis jaw-dropping mechanism which reveal shocking red LED lights that shine from the eyes. We’ve never seen a pair of cufflinks that look so good in the dark before!

Suspicious Death Sterling Silver Enamel Skull Cufflinks

Whoever said that the living has more fun have clearly never seen our ‘Suspicious Death’ skull cufflinks.

Not only do these cufflinks feature our unique jaw-dropping technology to reveal hypnotising diamond eyes, but they have also been expertly enamelled to give this frightful twosome a truly terrifying appearance!

Bring your style back to life and pair these gruesome cufflinks with a crisp white shirt. People who catch sight of your cuffs won’t believe their eyes.

Eye-Popping Skulls in Matte Black

We bet that you’ve never seen a set of cufflinks quite like these before…

A brand new addition to the Deakin & Francis range, these morbid cufflinks also come in a silver finish and rose gold finish, for those of you that want more than one way to be gory.

Wonderfully grotesque and horribly gruesome, when we say these cufflinks are eye-popping, we mean it in more ways than one! In a stylish oxidised black finish, when these guys drop their jaws they reveal their grim ‘eyes of sticks’ which are guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

Sterling Silver ‘Frightful’ Bat Cufflinks

While bats are often associated with all things spooky and mysterious, did you know that they in fact symbolise good luck and abundance?

While these bat cufflinks can’t guarantee good fortune this Halloween, you can be sure that they’ll add a touch of darkness to your attire worthy of any notable creature of the night.

Available in a dark, oxidised finish, these sterling silver bat cufflinks are sure to stand out when worn on your sleeve.

All of our iconic Deakin & Francis pieces have been designed to last lifetimes, and we think you’ll agree that these cufflinks are so good you’ll stick around to haunt your loved ones to make sure they continue to look after them once you’re gone!

If you’re thinking of investing in any of the pieces above, rest assured that ordering from us won’t be like a game of trick or treat…

If these items have been sending spooky inspiration your way, contact us about creating your own bespoke item!